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Unnikrishnan Raveendranathen (Unni) is an award-winning multimedia artist who is currently based in San Francisco, California.  Originally from India, Unni works as a photographer for Lonely Planet Magazine, the largest travel guidebook and digital media publisher in the world where he travels around the globe shooting for major articles and special features. Unni has also worked with Colin Finlay, a world-renowned documentary photographer on several different projects; the most recent project is a documentary on Colin Finlay – Salton Sea for Western Digital Corporation (WD) – Creative Masters. In 2011 he won the Editorial Photography Educational Grant and attended the Eddie Adams Workshop where he won the AARP assignment award. Unni is working for important companies including AARP, Appro, Be4Media, The Astrologer Inc., and others.  His work has been featured in Photographer’s Forum Magazine USA, Moholy Ground Magazine, The Candid Frame and more. His artistic photography projects include “Magnitude 7.0 – Haiti”, ”SHE” and “World War II Veterans – India,” all of which won several awards.