Dance  |  Choreography

Salma Allam is a Canadian-born lead dancer and choreographer of Egyptian decent.   She has toured over 20 cities in North America as well as Mexico and Chile with Reggaeton artist Don Omar. She has also toured Asia as a dancer and has performed in the independent films Bolden and The Great Explorer, and in the television show Caprica.  Salma has also performed with Viewsic Expressions under esteemed artistic director Germaul Barnes on Summerstage in New York. In 2011 Alwan for the Arts presented the beautifully written and choreographed performance piece by Salma calledCollection of Me, where her blend of contemporary and Egyptian traditional dance was the focus. In 2012 she was invited to open the Golden West College annual peace conference, where she debuted her solo, Gift.  Her additional choreography and writing credits include, Eternal Bleeding which is dedicated to sito (grandma), Bound by Love, Things My Mother Taught Me: A Daughter’s Journey, Roses on the Floor, and Bamboo Sticks.  Her training includes the Ailey Schoolthe Merce Cunningham Studio where she received her two-year certificate, and the Deena Levy Theater Studio.  Salma is co-Artistic Director of Movement in C, and is Artistic Director of Salma Allam Dance Theater. Salma is currently based in New York.