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Swedish born Per Norberg began his illustrious career in the fashion industry as a model, but quickly realized that he was not satisfied with being photographed and preferred to be behind the camera. Early in his photographic career Mr. Norberg’s already considerable camera skills earned him a place as assistant to one of Sweden’s leading fashion photographers Gunnar Jönsson, wherein he honed his natural talents and became a truly expert fashion and commercial photographer. With his reputation growing at a rapid pace, Mr. Norberg went on to shoot for many European companies, both emerging and well-established, including jewelers Milajki, Swedish fashion retailer, Ferrari Magazine, and Volvo Polestar, among others. found Mr. Norberg’s work as a photographer and as a prestigious influencer of culture so compelling that when they began producing their fashion and culture publication Nelly Magazine they made him an editor and an official photographer. The magazine was a huge success with 100,000 copies in circulation worldwide in the first year. Mr. Norberg went on to win In-House Agency Forum’s award for Best Ad Campaign of the Year in 2013, for his work for MQ Retail’s campaign “the Perfect suit.” Mr. Norberg has proven himself to be one of the world’s most elite fashion photographers and demand for his work continues to grow.