Screenwriter  |  Director

Jeffrey Blatt is a Canadian screenwriter who is rapidly rising to the top of his profession. His thesis film at York University, THE CHARNEL HOUSE (2001), was pre-selected for the renowned Cannes Film Festival, and had its world premiere at Robert Redford’s illustrious Sundance Film Festival. Subsequently, Mr. Blatt wrote and directed KATIE’S TEDDY BEARS (2002), a PSA for Organ Donations Canada that was translated into ten languages and the basis for a multi-million dollar ad campaign. His next short film, A TALL TALE (2002), won second place at The Seattle International Film Festival on the festival circuit and was sold to broadcast. Mr. Blatt decidedly made the leap from short films to features, and his script VIOLET ROSE (2004) was funded through Astral Media's The Harold Greenberg Fund, SODEC and Telefilm Canada.  However, it was his next feature, STILL LIFE (2007), that was produced through Telefilm, SODEC, and distributed by Equinoxe, a Warner Brothers subsidiary. The film was purchased by The Movie Network, thereby solidifying Mr. Blatt’s career as a professional screenwriter. More recently, Mr. Blatt sold his feature script BIG DOG (2013) to Caramel Films, as well as several TV options, one being a comedy set to star Sugar Sammy, one of the country's leading comedians. Mr. Blatt's work has further caught the attention of Hollywood, and he is currently developing a show for NBC.