Photography  |  Visual Arts

Renowned Ukrainian photographer Anastasiia Sapon has a unique and stunning portfolio. She has expertise in hand-crafted prints called “tintypes,” where she uses rare and antiquated techniques for developing film. She is skilled in the use of large format cameras, highly proficient in photo editing, and particularly talented in portraiture. She excels in commercial work, wedding photography, and beautiful portraiture photo-shoots. Anastasiia’s documentary photography has been published in the Bay Area Documentary Association’s 2010 edition book, DUST Magazine, and CMYK magazine. She was a finalist in the Fall 2010 Photographers Forum Magazine’s 31st Annual College Photography Contest, in “World Open of Photography 2012” online contest, and in the Academy of Art University’s “Best of Spring Show 2011” in the Documentary category where her award-winning piece went on display at the acclaimed Art Director’s Club in New York City. She also creates stop-motion short films and continues to hold exhibitions in San Francisco where she is currently based.